What Are You

by Broken Stems

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"Play with honesty, believe in your message and live for every note you play."

The Broken Stems are an audio bonfire for the soul, ignited by an edgy sound rooted in early rock’n roll and blues. Their music is current and classic, a creative new sound combined with a true rock experience. Born to create, they express their own lives into a musical endeavor with a message. By combining massive dynamic highs, humming emotional lows and passionate lyrics that coalesce into a sermon for the soul, their music connects on a higher plane, pushing themselves and their listeners to a greater sense of purpose.

Brought together by what can now only be described as fate, The Broken Stems create a formidable festival ready rock group that will inspire a universal connection. Propelled by their new album and message, they aim to bring you an unforgettable and life changing musical experience that will leave you asking...What Am I Connected.


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