Broken Stems brand of vintage rock n roll is bred from the classic blues roots music of the American South and a rebirth of the hard hitting rock of the 70’s. The kind of music blaring out your speakers at 90mph with the windows down in your ‘67 mustang. They’re the dust kicking off your boots and the taste of tequila on a dry desert day. Broken Stems are the spirit of rock, hell bent on challenging the modern music listener. Play It Loud.

Jesse Gawlik

Vocals + Guitar

Brad Sweet

Keys + Vocals

Andrew Bache

Percussion + Vocals

Broken Stems’ sound is rooted heavily in blues and 70’s rock'n'roll music. The San Diego music scene has embraced their hard-hitting unapologetic shows with overwhelming support and Broken Stems have embraced their diverse fan-base as well. The music crosses generations with influences from Hendrix, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd but also reaches a younger generation that listen to the music of Jack White, Black Keys and Delta Saints. This diverse crowd is what makes the difference when you go to any Broken Stems show.

Broken Stems began with the release of their first EP “We Are Home” in late 2013. The five song EP quickly became an underground hit in the San Diego music scene and began bringing crowds to their shows around Southern California. In 2015 the band began working on their first follow-up album after doing a few tours through the west, performing on eight stages at South by Southwest and taking part in “Caravan to Cabo”, which was a two week tour through Mexico with six other bands where they donated instruments to orphanages and performed.

Broken Stems full length album, "What Are You Connected" was released November 2016 and featured the band's first single "Hear You Calling" which landed in the top 10 of iHeart Radio's Rising Star competition in 2016 and also got the band selected in the Top 10 Best Live Performances for the JBL Best American Band 2017. The album was recorded entirely in their garage and produced in-house by their keyboard player Brad Sweet.